Confirmation circle options
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Once you have entered the Finbite invoice center page, select Confirmation - Purchase invoices. You will be shown a view of purchase invoices awaiting confirmation. In this view, it is possible to search for an invoice based on various parameters.

Once you find the invoices according to the parameters, you can open the invoice from the invoice number and proceed to the invoice confirmation.

Once you have opened the invoice, it is possible to find the list of the initiator and approvers of the approval circle on the invoice.

Moving on, the invoice information block will open for you, where you can change the information if necessary.

If you have made the changes, you must also save the information and the buttons can be found in the right corner.

By scrolling down, you can see and process invoice lines.

You can add accounts, sum rows and apply a template if necessary. Under additional actions, you can find adding VAT to expenses option, you can perform actions with approvers and delete accounting.

Once you've added the accounts and checked the invoice lines, you can proceed to confirmation.

Next, you will be presented with three options:

Cancel confirmation round- This means that the approval cycle is canceled and if you have added a comment, the invoice is sent back to the list of purchase invoices and needs to be processed again and sent for approval.

Redirect - You can direct the invoice, either 'Redirect and confirm' or 'Redirect without confirmation'. You must add the following approver and a comment can be added.

The last option is to confirm in amount - This means that the invoice can be confirmed by you and will move on, either to the next approver or to the ERP system.

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