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Creating an expense report in the Finbite environment
Creating an expense report in the Finbite environment

How to create cost report in our environment?

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In order to be able to create an expense report, you need to take a picture of the receipt first. This can be done with our Finbite Finance app or added manually in our browser view. To do this, go to Expense reports - New receipt.

Once you have added the receipt and filled in the invoice lines, you can save the receipt and then the receipt can be found under Pending receipts.

If you have marked the receipt, you can select "Create new report" or "Add to report".

We select "Create report", then we get a choice whether we want to create "Economic cost" or "Travel cost".

We select "Travel cost" and move on to creating the report.

First of all, you have to fill in the time and place of the assignment and then check that all mandatory fields are filled in.

Once the basic data of the shipping cost has been filled in, you can check the receipt. If necessary, you can post the lines of the receipt and then already send the expense report to the confirmation circle.

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