Personalization of Finbite mobile app
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There are a few ways to make Finbite app more personal to you.


You can choose, which kind of notifications you want to enable:

  • Enable notifications - overall on/off button for activating or deactivating notifications from the Finbite app.

  • Receipt is digitized - if you use Finbite digitizing service, when adding a new purchase receipt, then this notification lets you know, when that receipt has been digitized and it is ready to be used when creating a expense report.

  • Report is rejected - lets you know if any of the confirmers rejected your expense report during the confirmation process. Next step would be to go to Finbite web application to make changes and resend it to be confirmed.

  • Report is confirmed - lets you know, when all confirmers have confirmed the report and now you can just wait until the expense will be reimbursed.

Confirmation preferences

You can set up your preferences for the confirmation circle. This way you can avoid entering the confirmers manually each time when sending a new report to be confirmed.

Confirmation methods:

  • Parallel means that all the people in the confirmation round can give their approval at the same time and their order doesn't matter.

  • In succession means that the confirmations are given in a specific order one-by-one.

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