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How to create an expense report with Finbite mobile app?
How to create an expense report with Finbite mobile app?

Create and submit a expense report with Finbite app for a quick reimbursement.

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After you have digitized or entered your purchase receipt to the Finbite app, you can start creating an expense report. This guide will give you a short overview of different options when creating a cost report.

There are two ways to start creating a expense report in the mobile application:

  1. On your ''Home'' tab, you can use the shortcut button "Create report":

  1. Or select if you'd like to create "Economic cost" or "Travel cost" report on your ''Reports'' tab:

This means that you will create either a report for "Travel cost" when the reimbursement is related to travel or "Economic cost" in most other cases.

As a next step, you'll have to fill all mandatory fields, and also optional, if required by your company. After that you can select "Add new receipt" to choose suitable pending receipt:

As the next step you can save the cost report as a draft for further editing or press "Continue" to start a confirmation round.

When starting a confirmation round, you can choose between parallel and in succession confirmation methods.

  • Parallel means that all the people in the confirmation round can give their approval at the same time and their order doesn't matter.

  • In succession means that the confirmations are given in a specific order one-by-one.

On the same page you also have to add one or multiple confirmers. If that's done, then pressing "Submit" sends the report to be confirmed.

Now all there's left to do is wait until it is confirmed and your expense will be reimbursed soon.

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