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Import of the account plan (General ledger)
Import of the account plan (General ledger)

What to do if the accounting software doesn't allow to import the chart of accounts directly to Finbite?

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If your accounting software does not allow you to send the chart of accounts directly to Finbite, you can also import it manually. If you already have an account plan in our system and want to add an individual account, the manual can be found here.

To import the account plan into the Finbite, you must first export the account plan information from your software in Excel format. If you do not know how to do this, please contact your accounting software provider.

Then modify the exported file so that the first row, columns A-F, contains the numbers one through six. Column G must contain the account number and columns H and I must contain the name of the account, for example:

10 characters are allowed in the account number cell, and 70 characters are allowed in column H and I, including spaces (in Excel, the number of characters can be checked with the LEN function). If there are more characters, the account name should be shortened in the accounting program.

Now save the file as CSV (comma delimited):

Then open the file with Notepad and delete the numbers 1-6 in the first line so that the view remains like this:

Save the file in UTF-8 encoding. Otherwise, it will not be displayed correctly.

To import CSV file, select Settings -> Registers-> Account plan in the Finbite billing center. On the opened page, select Account Plan Import:

Now you can upload the prepared CSV file and start importing.

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