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How to add different VAT codes with explanations and priorities to the Finbite system?

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To add VAT codes, select Settings -> Registers -> VAT codes.

To add a new code, click Add new VAT code. Then a window will open where you must select the Sales Tax %, for example by writing 22 in the box, the system will offer different 22% sales taxes. At this point, the name chosen is not important, only the percentage is important. Let's choose for example 22%. The code from the accounting software must be added to the ERP code field. We recommend copying it from the software to make sure it's right.

Now you should also fill in the ERP explanation. That is the name of the VAT code, so it would be easier to choose the right code. You can also fill in the Priority and Default VAT rate fields later in the VAT code list.

By pressing Save, the code will be added to the list:

It is important that each VAT rate has its own priority.

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