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Importing the register of vendors/suppliers and customers
Importing the register of vendors/suppliers and customers

What to do if the accounting software does not allow sending the register of suppliers and customers directly to the Finbite system?

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If your accounting software does not allow you to send the register of vendors and customers directly to the Finbite invoice center, you can also import them manually. To do this, first export vendor and/or customer information from the software to Excel format. If you do not know how to do this, please contact your accounting software provider.

Then edit the exported file so that column A contains the company name, column B the company registry code, column C the vendor/supplier code in the accounting program and, if desired, column D the customer code in the accounting program. The customer code column is optional, but the first three columns must be filled in for each vendor.

Next, remove all duplicates from the table. To do this, select the entire table and in the menu item Data you will find the sign in the image below:

It should also be taken into account that the length of the supplier's name can be 70, the registry code 15 and the supplier's code 20 characters (including spaces). (In Excel, it is possible to check the number of characters with the LEN function). If the customer does not have a vendor code in the accounting program, it can be replaced with a register code.

If the duplicates have been removed and the field lengths do not exceed the allowed limits, you can save the created table. Select CSV:

Then open the saved file in Notepad, where the data will be displayed as follows:

Then save the file again using UTF-8 encoding. Otherwise, punctuation will not be displayed correctly.

Now log in to Finbite and select Settings -> Registers -> Suppliers register and select Import of suppliers:

You can then select the prepared file and start importing.

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