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Importing dimensions register
Importing dimensions register

How to import dimensions if your accounting software does not allow to send them directly to Finbite?

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If your accounting software does not allow you to send dimensions directly to our Finbite billing center, you can also import them manually.

To import dimensions into the Finbite invoice center, you must first export the dimensions information from the software in Excel format. If you do not know how to do this, please contact your accounting software provider.

Then change the exported file so that column A contains the type/group of dimension (there can be up to 6 different groups), column B the code of the dimension, and column C the name of the dimension. The dimension group name cell can contain 30 characters, the dimension code cell can contain 20 characters, and the dimension name cell can contain 255 characters maximum (in Excel, the number of characters can be checked with the LEN function). For example:

Then save the file in CSV format:

Now open the created file with Notepad:

Save the file in UTF-8 encoding:

The next step is to log in to Finbite and select Settings -> Registers -> Dimensions and then Import Dimensions:

If you want to import all dimension groups at once, as in the above example - country, department, project, then you must select the following option Add all dimensions at the same time. Now you can upload the prepared file and start importing.

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