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Activation of sales invoice channels
Activation of sales invoice channels

How to activate bank and paper invoice channels in addition to the default open channels (e-invoice and email)?

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If you have decided to start issuing sales invoices from the Finbite system, two channels are always activated by default: e-invoice and email. If you also want to activate bank channels or sending a paper invoice, proceed as follows: Settings -> Invoice settings -> Sales invoice settings and scroll down the page where you will find the place where Management of sellers is located:

Select Actions -> Edit. You will see the following:

Here you can choose different channels. The paper invoice channel starts working immediately, but the activation of the bank channel takes 2 working days from the moment you receive the confirmation e-mail.

To activate the bank channels, the steps are as follows: you select the appropriate bank channels, save and confirm that you want to activate the bank channels. Then we will get a notification that you wish to activate bank channels and you will receive a questionnaire by e-mail in which you can choose your preferences in the bank. After we receive your completed questionnaire, we will notify the bank about the desire to activate channels with the corresponding preferences. We will send you a confirmation e-mail that the bank channels will be activated within 2 working days.

NB! There are some restrictions if you do not have an e-invoice contract with Swedbank.

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