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E-invoicing agreement with Swedbank
E-invoicing agreement with Swedbank

What should you know about sales invoice fixed payment contract with Swedbank?

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Without Swedbank's e-invoicing agreement, the following restriction applies to the transfer of invoices to the bank - Your customers cannot order an invoice from the bank's environment.

You can enter orders only into the Finbite system by selecting E-invoice orders -> Customer orders. In the bank's environment, it is not possible for customers to set up an e-invoice fixed payment contract before the first invoice arrives. They can conclude a permanent e-invoice payment contract for your company only after the first invoice reaches the bank. Then the customer can choose to sign a automatic payment contract.

If your customers don't have access to an internet bank, they can conclude a standing payment agreement at the bank office after you have sent them the first invoice as an e-invoice to the banking environment. If the customer does not have an access to an internet bank, a limited e-invoice should be sent to him.

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