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In order to be able to send and receive invoices through Peppol, it is necessary to activate the channels in advance. Peppol works in two directions, if you want to send invoices in this channel, you must also activate receiving in advance.

In order to receive e-invoices via Peppol, you should select Settings ->Invoice settings-> Purchase invoice settings.

From there, select "Accept receiving of PEPPOL invoices:" and add a check mark and then save. Under the settings, you must check that the check box "Don't accept purchase invoices in e-service:" is unchecked.

Your PeppolID will be generated if you have activated reception with us. PeppolID consists of the Estonian code, which is 0191: and your company's registration code.

If you want to send e-invoices through Peppol, you should select Settings->Invoice settings->Sales invoice settings, move down the page and open Activities->Change from Seller Management. Activate the Peppol channel there and save.

To send a sales invoice to Peppol via ERP, the recipient's PeppolID must be added to BuyerParty in xml (at the very end of BuyerParty). We have created an extension for this:

<Extension extensionId="PartyEN">




<PartyId schemeId="0191">11890209</PartyId>

<PartyElectronicAddress schemeId="0191">11890209</PartyElectronicAddress>




Currently, an example recipient PeppolID (0191:11890209) has been added to the extension, which should then be replaced with the correct value for real invoices.

The sales invoice must also include the following information:

Either Invoice/InvoiceInformation/InvoiceContentCode or an extension in the InvoiceInformation block

<Extension extensionId="eakPurchaseOrderRef">

InvoiceContentCode is an invoice content code agreed between partners to help automate invoice processing, and the eakPurchaseOrderRef extension is the associated purchase order number. One of them must be present in the XML when sending to Peppol, otherwise the recipient will reject the invoice with an error message.

The mandatory fields to fill are: Service/Product, Quantity, Unit, Unit price, Amount, Net amount and VAT.

When sending the sales invoice from the accounting software, you must select PORTAL as the transmission channel.

If you prepare a sales invoice manually in the invoice center, it is important that there are no more than three service/product lines and the invoice should not be saved before sending, finish sending the invoice with the 'Save and send' button. Please also write the recipient's address.

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