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How to add representation rights to users in the Finbite environment?
How to add representation rights to users in the Finbite environment?
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In order to manage, approve, post invoices, etc., a person must have the right of representation of the respective company in the Finbite environment. These rights can be granted by a user in the administrator role.

The right of representation can be granted by going to the company settings and selecting Settings -> Settings -> Company Settings. At the bottom of the page there is a block called Representation rights and there you have to press the "Add representation right" button.

determine the right of representation, you must enter the personal identification number of the user, the validity period of the right of representation, e-mail address, role and, if desired, job title. If necessary, representation rights can also be added to all subcompanies related to the company.

By activating the "Daily consolidated confirmation notifications" option, the user will receive a summary notification about the invoices sent to them for confirmation every day at 2 p.m. When all the settings have been made, click Save.

If the user is new to the Finbite system, the first and last name must also be entered. Here it is important to make sure that the field "Send username and password creation link" is ticked. By removing the check mark, the user will not be able to reset their password. In this case, he can only enter the Finbite environment with a Mobile ID, Smart ID or ID card.

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