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Reviewing and extending user's right of representation
Reviewing and extending user's right of representation

How can user check their own representation rights? How can a master user extend an employee's right of representation?

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You can check the expiration of your representation rights by going to Settings -> Settings -> My representation rights.

If your right of representation is about to expire, contact the person in the role of administrator in your company, who can extend your right of representation.

In order to change representation rights, as master user, you need to select Settings -> Settings -> Company settings and go to the Representation rights block. To sort representation rights by their expiration date, press End date.

Now, if necessary, you can extend the rights of representation by pressing Actions -> Edit on the right side of the user and change the end date of representation. If you want to extend the rights in all subsidiaries, also check the box Apply to all sub-companies and click Save.

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