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How to login to Finbite Invoice Management Center?
How to login to Finbite Invoice Management Center?
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To enter the Invoice Management Center, use the link and press Log in. The following options are available for logging in: Smart-ID, Mobile-ID, ID card, password and SSO.

The first time you enter the Finbite environment, the invoice management view opens. At the top right is a box where you can see who you represent. Select yourself here to review your user settings.

Next, go to Settings -> Settings -> User settings and check the contact e-mail field to make sure the correct e-mail address is there. If the cell is empty, you must enter your personal e-mail address. Password renewal information will be sent to the given address.

If you haven't created a username and password before, your username will be the e-mail address entered here.

NB! Be sure to enter your personal e-mail address, not the company's, because this way you can access the user even after changing jobs, if the password is forgotten.

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